I was first licensed in march 1968 at the time when Class B licensees were first permitted to use 2m.When first licensed I was interested in RTTY and operated it on 2m. Later i built gear for 2m SSB at the time the old Liner 2s were starting to become popular. I also started to operate on 70 and 23cm with valve frequency triplers. Later I started to operate operate SSB on these bands.

Beacons are an interest  and I am beacon keeper for the Edinburgh 23cm beacon GB3EDN. This has been on the air since 1978. I also built the hardware for the Angus beacon GB3ANG which was installed in 1981. 

Over the past 20 or so years my main interests have been in the microwave areas. I have home brewed gear for 6cm, 3 cm and 24GHz. Recently (over the past 2 years!) I have been interested in establishing personal beacons on the 3cm band. I have built my own personal beacon on 10368.080MHz and also ones that are located at the QTHs of Chris Tran GM3WOJ and Graham Knight, GM8FFX. Details of some of these projects are on this website.

My home QTH is in the south side of the City of Edinburgh and I am a member of the Lothians Radio Society.